£2M Bonus On The LIne For Benitez To Accept Newcastle Job

The Star is reporting that Rafa Benitez will be offered a three-year contract worth £4M a year with a £2M bonus if he can save Newcastle from relegation this season.

There will also be a release clause if Rafa doesn´t pick up the £2M bonus and Newcastle are relegated.

How would you like to get paid £2.7M for just over two months work?

No wonder the reports are that Rafa is keen to listen to what Newcastle have to say and what (money, money, money) they have to offer?

rafa benitez new

Rafa Benitez when told he could get a £2M bonus

We don´t know if the bonus is that big, but when you consider we will lose around £150M with relegation it´s definitely worth it to Newcastle.

The Star are reporting that Mike Ashley is abroad, so reports that he will fly in today have probably been made up…..

Update – Mike was photographed last night in an English pub and when asked what was happening with the Benitez deal – he said ¨we are working on it.¨

If Rafa takes the job – and that´s by no mean certain even with a £2M bonus on the line – he will become the Newcastle manager in every sense of the word – and have full control of the transfers.

It seems like Newcastle are willing to agree to that,  but they should agree to almost anything to get this man in – if we are to have any chance of retaining out Premier League status, which looks extremely doubtful right now.

And this thing has been stretched out so painfully this week that it will now impact our game at Leicester on Monday night, so that could well be our 8th away defeat on the trot.

Something we simply cannot afford – and you would have thought Charnley and company would have worked extra hard to get Rafa in to be in charge for that game.

However, there is a report today that Rafa wants to get to work immediately – not surprising if he is to have any chance of saving Newcastle.

We assume they are working through the night to get this thing completed – and we say that with only a little bit of sarcasm – because it´s so vitally important to the club.

But the Star are also reporting that Ashley has left Lee Charnley in full control of all the negotiations.

Oh my and to think we were starting to get our hopes up.