Rafa Benitez May Turn Down Newcastle

The Telegraph are reporting today there are now real concerns on Tyneside that Rafa Benitez may turn down the offer of a three year contact at Newcastle – and if that happens it would be an absolute disaster and Newcastle fans would be more than a little furious with those running the club.

Certainly the way this situation is being handled at the highest levels this week would turn most managers off joining Newcastle – that´s a fact.

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Rafa Benitez – could walk away

Lee Charnley has moved pitifully slowly all week and is dithering again.

Steve McClaren is still in his job with apparently  no decision having been taken on whether he will remain as head coach.

And you wouldn´t believe just how important this is to Newcastle´s immediate future.

The club could be and probably will be relegated and lose out on £150M a year with the new Premier League TV rights deal – not to mention the embarrassment and hit to the club´s prestige in having a second relegation in seven years.

🙁 🙁 🙁

The Telegraph believes that Rafa still has to be persuaded that taking over a club in such dire danger of relegation is good for him.

Maybe that´s why Mike Ashley is said to be flying in today – but we don´t even know if that report is accurate.

But we mentioned a couple of days ago that if Rafa is following closely what´s happening on Tyneside, he could be turned off  the club – simply because we seem to be in such a mess and so incompetent.

Rafa wants full control of all transfers and wants to bring in his own staff.

What´s wrong with that?

Newcastle should quickly agree and get this deal completed.

If the deal doesn´t happen today we could see Rafa Benitez walk away – and then what happens at Newcastle?

We shudder to think.

Bu whatever it is – we deserve it.

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