Newcastle Issue Statement – Apologize For Complete Shambles

The Mirror is reporting that Newcastle United have issued a second statement following their announcement that Steve McClaren has finally been fired as the head coach.

We haven’t seen the second statement on the web-site but assume it will soon be issued with the Mirror being a preferred outlet for the club and unlikely to be wrong on this.

It could even be they are relying ion the Mirror to put the statement out.

lee charnley

Lee Charnley – oversaw the shambles this week

This is what the Mirror are reporting is the second statement issued by Newcastle:

“We acknowledge that reaching this decision has taken a number of days and that this has caused uncertainty for everyone involved, in particular for Steve and the players, for which we apologize.”

“However we felt that this time was necessary to ensure the right decisions were reached with the best interests of the club at heart.”

It’s good they have issued this statement – but it needn’t have been a shambles –  and it has deeply embarrassed the club.

Lee Charnley should have fired Steve McClaren on Sunday or Monday and let Ian Cathro take the training – keeping the head coach in the job until today has caused most of the uproar and McClaren was treated very shabbily.

The truth is that Steve was never up to the job at Newcastle and should never have been appointed last summer – but he was given the job so that Lee Charnley and Graham Carr could keep some level of control – especially with the transfers.

However, it looks like they will lose that role now with Rafa Benitez insisting he is in control of all transfers – and it seems that Newcastle have agreed to that.

That’s very good and now if we can only survive in the Premier League by May, this summer could be fabulous – players will want to join Newcastle now that Rafa is the manager.

On the other hand both Lee Charnley and Graham Carr don’t look particularly good in the rols they have been playing – and have made a second woeful choice of head coach – following their choice of John Carver to take over from Alan Pardew over a year ago.

We expect a shake up of the Board of Directors at the end of the season – whatever happens.

But hopefully Newcastle can now quickly announce that Rafa Benitez is indeed coming in to be the manager of the club – so we have some additional good news to celebrate today.

Let’s rephrase that – some additional fantastic news to celebrate today.


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