Sky Sports – Things Will Get Sorted Today

Peter Graves of Sky Sports has just tweeted that things will become a lot clearer today as far as hiring Rafa Benitez and firing Steve McClaren at Newcastle United Football Club.

We certainly hope so.

This is the 6th day since the Bournemouth disaster and people running Newcastle are once again demonstrating very clearly, they haven´t got a clue of how to run an organization – of how to run a business – how to make difficult decisions when they are needed and how to communicate with the fans.

We just hope things get sorted quickly today, before Rafa realizes the extent of the mess Newcastle are in at the moment.

He can be the hero and he can save Newcastle – sign him!

Maybe he even knows somebody he can work with who is very knowledgeable about football and can make decisions when they are needed and who could come in and be a Director of Football or the Senior Executive at Newcastle?