It´s Possible – I´ve Done The Maths – The Future Is Brilliant

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Rafa Benitez said yesterday that he is not “scared” of relegation at Newcastle – that´s not the right word to use.

And the 55-year-old being the consummate winner he is,  doesn´t fear the significant challenge ahead of him in the next nine weeks, after he has replaced the woeful Steve McClaren at the famous Newcastle United club.

Rafa gave a bevy of interviews yesterday  and we have to say we are so impressed with this man.

Rafa´s positive, he´s down to earth – and it´s obvious he´s taken on the significant task at Newcastle, because he wants to make the club great again.

He is also a lot more charismatic than we realized – he´s the epitome of a successful and talented manager – and he´s at Newcastle.


Rafael-Benitez arrives at Benton

Rafa Benitez arriving at the Benton training grounds on Friday

But we all know he must save us from relegation first, otherwise he could simply walk away from Newcastle in May.

That would be unbearable for Newcastle fans – and that in itself is a huge understatement.

Rafa talked yesterday about not being scared of the situation at the Tyneside club:

“‘Scared’ is not the word. I know that it is a difficult situation, but believe me, I’ve done the maths. It is positive. After watching some games, the team is good, so why not? We can do it.”

“After that, the future is brilliant because you have the power, the fans, the stadium and very positive things.”

“You have the squad. You have to adapt a little bit, but there is great potential, so it is very important to concentrate on these 10 games.”

“You have to help me. We need to concentrate on these 10 games.”

“If everything is fine, as I expect, and we are in the Premier League, then we can talk about what my position is and the final decisions, whether I am involved in the signings.”

“I will be part of the Board, as was Steve, I will be there and in contact with the Managing Director Lee Charnley every day.”

“I don’t see a big issue with this as they will try to bring the best players for me, they will be the best players for the club.”

“But we have to, in this short space of time, take each game one at a time, be very positive and try to give everything from everyone.”

Benitez will sit on the Board – but if we do survive then things could change in the summer with how the club is run.

One way or another if Rafa stays and we survive he will be happy with the transfer situation – and he will have the authority on who comes in and who leaves.

It would be silly of people like Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley not to bow to Rafa´s obvious management experience, knowledge and achievements – we should be using all of this man´s talents to make the club great again.

Getting in the way of that is incompetent – and that is the cancer that has to be cut out at Newcastle if we are going to become great again.

That incompetence has been on display these last two years at the club.

We are confident that will all happen and certainly Charnley and Benitez seem to have a good rapport with each other – should Lee Charnley stay on as Managing Director in the summer.

But again – Rafa will be in charge of transfers if this thing happens and he stays on at Newcastle over the summer.

That will not be a problem.

There will be much bigger problems than that for Rafa to handle this summer at Newcastle – and he seems more than anxious to be able to take on that significant challenge.

Fans are just going to love this man – they already do.

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