Benitez On Shearer´s Help – He Was Great – Really Good

It looks like we have to thank Alan Shearer in part for getting Rafa Benitez to Newcastle last Friday,  because Alan was one of the main men that Rafa talked to before deciding to accept the manager´s job at Newcastle.

Rafa knew about Newcastle´s massive untapped potential when he was at Liverpool, because he has said in his interviews since Friday that they used to talk about that at Liverpool each time they were to visit St. James’ Park –  and of course it was always a sell-out crowd for Liverpool.

rafa benitez 9i876Alan Shearer

Rafa Benitez Alan Shearer – a new partnership?

And it looks like Benitez plans to use Alan´s knowledge of the club and the setup as much as possible as he plans to return Newcastle to greatness – and it even looks like he may be allowed to do that by owner Mike Ashley.

This is what Rafa has said about talking to Shearer last week:

“Alan Shearer loves the club,” “He told me if you do well it will be amazing. He said ‘if you need me or want to know anything – about the city, about the fans, about everything – you can always ask’. “

“But we didn’t have too much time to prepare for Leicester so I said, ‘listen, fantastic, we will have lunch any time’. He was great, he was really good.”

Of course Rafa has tried to limit the talk about what happens in the summer until and unless he can save us from relegation in these last 10 games of the season.

That´s the only thing that counts until our final game of the season at home to Tottenham on May 15th.

If we can survive then that game could be a celebration for what could be the most exciting summer for many years for Newcastle fans.


And it´s obvious that Rafa plans to use Alan´s advice and help to build the club and it may even be that Rafa employs Alan in some part-time capacity at the club as an adviser.

If Rafa wants to do that we would be surprised if he´s prevented by Mike Ashley and company who would be well advised to keep out of Rafa´s way as he transforms the club from top to bottom.

That´s exactly what is needed – and we all know Rafa is the man to do it.

He´s a phenomenal appointment by the club and now we have to do all we can to help him and the players start winning some games.

The first game is tonight at Leicester and we´ll hope that we see a huge improvement in the play from the last few games under Steve McClaren – the team have been a disgrace most of this season and the players have been poor at best.

We trust in Rafa Benitez.

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