Benitez Willing To Work With Board – Could Bring Shearer Back

Rafa Benitez has proved himself to be a savvy person since he arrived on Tyneside last Friday – and he has been conciliatory to those in power at Newcastle, such as Lee Charnley.

He´s certainly giving the impression he can work with them and seems somebody who has been brought in because of his stature in the game and his past success at lots of different clubs over a 23 year management career that began with the Real Madrid B team.

He is the only manager in history to have won the UEFA Cup, UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup.

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Alan Shearer – to return to Newcastle under Benitez?

The news leading up to his appointment was that Mike Ashley wanted somebody brought in who would ignite the Newcastle fans and maybe make up for the two woeful seasons we have had under two coaches in Carver and McClaren who were nowhere near good enough for Newcastle.

And with Rafa´s arrival even if we keep the current Board in place it will suddenly become a decent enough Board – only because of the monumental knowledge and understanding that Rafa will provide with his vast experience and past successes in the game.

By his very personality and presence he will be the one Charnley, Carr and company will listen to and Rafa will also listen to the opinions of the likes of Graham Carr.

From what Rafa has said about Charnley since he was appointed, it seems the club have got the former Liverpool man in to help them put stuff right at the club – and they should be (very) willing to follow Rafa´s advice on what he thinks is needed.

For Rafa himself it´s a tremendous opportunity to build a club – a sleeping giant – that he knows all too well has massive potential  – and he aims to tap into that massive potential.

Sounds good to us.

Sounds great to us.

And the club is a mess right now – we all know that.

The 55 year-old doesn´t look to be a  power grabber, but genuinely wants to build a club that can be great again and have a very strong side in the Premier League.

We think he will be allowed to do that and as we said earlier today he may even try to bring Alan Shearer back into the club in some capacity – although the former striker is very busy and involved with his other activities such as BBC´s Match of the Day.

Alan is an Ambassador of the club whether Mike Ashley likes it or not – perhaps he will be appointed into a similar position by Rafa?

Having Alan part of the club again, even in a minor capacity will give Rafa and the club massive credibility with the fans – the life blood of the club.

If that´s what Rafa wants to do and Shearer is willing then Newcastle would be stupid to stop him.

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