Shearer – If Rafa Gets It Right He Will Be An Absolute Hero

In his column in the Sun today Alan Shearer has said that in his conversation with Rafa Benitez on Friday, he told Rafa he would be an absolute hero if he gets it right at Newcastle and builds a successful team.

Well Alan´s right there – and the former Newcastle striker also hinted Rafa could even bring a trophy to Newcastle – wouldn´t that be something – and Alan wanted to be in the City when and if it happens.

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Alan Shearer – Rafa can be a hero

Here´s some of what Alan wrote today in The Sun:

“I know Black Cats boss Sam Allardyce will not be happy there has been a change at Newcastle, because had there not been, they were doomed and he was safe.”

“I said in this column last week that I thought we were finished — but now I have fresh hope. I have that hope because Newcastle landed themselves a great manager.”

“I’m stunned he has actually taken the job but also very glad he has.”

“Rafa and I spoke on Friday just before he gave his press conference.”  “He wanted a chat about the club and the fans — and I related it to his experience at Liverpool.”

“When I played for Blackburn I lived in Formby, near Liverpool, and the people there reminded me of the Geordies.”

“Hardworking people who love their football club with a passion, very loyal and honorable people.”  “I told him that if he gets it right at Newcastle, he will become an absolute hero.”

“I told him I wanted to be in the City the day a manager brings a trophy to Newcastle — and the impact it would have if he did.”

“I related the fact 500,000 people filled the streets to welcome us home after we had LOST two FA Cup finals.”

“He told me that it was the potential of what Newcastle could be that attracted him to the club.”

Rafa is well aware of the fantastic potential of Newcastle, and he knows it´s very like Liverpool.

It´s just that they have won 5 European Cups, 3 UEFA Cups, 3 UEFA Super Cups, 11 League One titles, 6 FA Cups and 8 League Cups since 1970 and we have won nothing – nowt – zilch.

Otherwise we are exactly the same.


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