Rafa’s Website Thanks Newcastle’s Legendary Fans

rafa benitez newcastle with scarf

The people running Rafa Benitez’ website have thanked Newcastle fans for the warm and professional way they have welcomed Rafa to the famous Newcastle club and inundated his web-site so that it had it’s biggest day ever last Friday with all the new visitors to the site.

Well of course that’s when Rafa Benitez was sensationally appointed our new manager.

Here’s the very nice message sent out on the web-site:

Thanks toons, thanks visitors

RafaBenitez.com would like to thank all the visitors of this website, fans of RB, and in a special way to Newcastle United FC staff and fans for their warm and professional welcome over the past few days.

RafaBenitez.com has been honoured to receive a phenomenal number of new visitors since Rafa Benítez’s appointment on Friday –in fact we recorded the second highest since the launch of the official site.

This gracious welcome has made us at RafaBenitez.com even more motivated to work for our visitors and fans of RB and to build on the already legendary support from the Newcastle fans.

We look forward to being part of and contributing to supporting Newcastle FC for the remaining games of the 2015/16 season.

So we are toons?

Here is Rafa’s very good web-site in case you haven’t had a look yet.

Let’s beat Sunderland on Sunday – that’s what has to be next in saving our season under the great Rafa Benitez.

Comments welcome.