Amazing Offer To Newcastle From Former Player

Former Dutch International striker Patrick Kluivert played for Newcastle from 2004-2005 and in 37 appearances he scored 13 goals even at that time.

And even then – at only 28 years-old – he was past his glorious best.

Patrick has made an amazing offer to Newcastle as he admits he follows the club and wants to help us in this time of need – if he can.

He has offered to come in and do some coaching and work with our strikers in order to help them improve, so they can hopefully start scoring some goals for us.

patrick kluivert sir bobby robson

Patrick Kluivert with Sir Bobby Robson – offers to help Newcastle

Patrick also seems to be a huge Rafa Benitez fan.

This is what he has said speaking to Omnisport:

“They are struggling at the moment. It’s not nice to see a club where you played having such struggles.”  “If you have played for a club, you would like to help them.”

“If they come to me for help I am always happy to speak with them because Newcastle United always stays in my heart.”  “If you have played for a club, you would like to help them.”

“Newcastle is a great club with great players.”  “Every year they succeed in buying good players, but every club needs a good team and if you are a team you can shine as an individual.”

“Rafael Benitez is a good trainer, he has shown that at various clubs.”  “I know him quite well. He’s a trainer who likes to look at the statistics.”

“If he is a good trainer for Newcastle, we will see. I think that he can bring them out of the relegation, that’s really what I think.”

Patrick came to Newcastle in the summer of 2004 and was brought in by Freddy Shepherd, and it was only shortly before Sir Bobby Robson was fired in late August of that year.


Patrick Kluivert, shown above in a recent photo, was the assistant manager of the Netherlands from 2012-2014.

On 5 March 2015, Kluivert took over as manager of the Curacao National football team for the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification, but they failed to qualify.

However, last month Kluivert announced his decision to remain head coach of Curacao for the teams’ Caribbean Cup qualifying matches against the Dominican Republic and Barbados.

We’ll have to see if Rafa accepts Patrick’s offer of help.

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