Newcastle Need To Be Relegated – Ginola’s Flawed Logic

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Former Newcastle winger David Ginola thinks the best thing that can happen to Newcastle this season is for us to return to the Championship and take the opportunity to get the club sorted out – so we can have a better club in the future.

And seven years ago a number of fans also thought it would be good to be relegated – for much the same reasons.

However, this time things are a lot different in terms of the finances – and we stand to lose £150M a season with the new £5.1B Premier League TV rights clicking in next season.

So we will really lose out big time financially compared to other top English clubs – if we go down.

david ginola newcastle

David Ginola while at Newcastle

This is what the 49 year-old has said on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast today:

“I would like to see Newcastle stay in the Premier League, but on the other hand I think going down to the Championship could be good for the club.”

“They need to go back to scratch, they need to start all over again. For many years Newcastle has been in a situation like this and at some stage they need to realise that things need to be dealt with properly.”

“They’ve brought in Rafael Benitez, but if they’re relegated at the end of the season he will go. Who is going to be their next manager?”

“So please Newcastle United, let’s go down to the Championship! Let’s start again, let’s have a manager for the next five years, let’s work on the academy and bring some talents from the academy into the first-team.”

“Forget about just trying to stay in the Premier League. If you do this, you’re going to be stronger over the next five years.”

The very fact that if we stay in the Premier League means Rafa Benitez will stay with Newcastle surely means things will better.

Rafa will help build the right foundations at Newcastle – since he’s worked at many big clubs – and he will be in charge of all the transfers and Graham Carr will go back at being a Chief Scout.

So isn’t that a key reason to stay in Premier League?

At the moment we are the 17th richest club in the world and we will be nowhere near that from now on – and who says we will come straight back up if we have to get a new manager in to replace Benitez?


David Ginola today

Ginola is right that things need to be handled correctly at the club.

The people effectively running the club this season – Lee Charnley and Graham Carr – are both way over their heads – and Lee stayed with his choice for what he described as the  perfect head coach – Steve McClaren – for far too long.

That dithering and lack of decisiveness from the Managing Director could well end up in us being relegated this season – and for a club who have spent more than any other PL club this season in the two transfer windows.

Is that embarrassing or is that embarrassing?

Graham Carr is acting like a Director of Football and spent £82M of the club’s money but e didn’t bring in the right players to strengthen the side in the positions we were weak in.

We still have a poor defense that has conceded a whopping 55 goals and scored only 29 goals in 30 games.

🙁 🙁 🙁

We are without a good left-back or a top center-back – and we still don’t have  a striker who is a proven Premier League goalscorer.

Those were all problems last summer and they have still not been fixed.

So make no mistake – if we are relegated there will be books written about the complete incompetence and ineptitude of those running Newcastle from the top.

We can almost guarantee that – the incompetence has been completely stunning – and you only have to look at our results to see that.

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