Shearer’s Surprising View On Newcastle’s Survival Chances

Alan Shearer didn’t think Newcastle were very good yesterday – certainly not in the first half – and he expresses doubts about whether we will survive this season in the Premier League.

In fact he thinks we will be relegated, even though Rafa Benitez is now managing the club.

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Alan Shearer – thinks Newcastle will go down

This is some of what Alan has written in his column in The Sun today:

“Rafa Benitez is a good manager — but he is not a magician.” “And Newcastle’s performance yesterday proved just how tough a job he has on his hands.”

“It is very difficult for a manager to go in and suddenly make players dramatically improve.” “Newcastle’s problems defensively and up front are not going to disappear overnight.”

“Sam Allardyce’s side handled the occasion much better than Newcastle in the first half and deserved their lead.” “Jermain Defoe had two early chances and Newcastle were lucky to get away with it.”

“I thought, ‘Don’t give him a third’, but they did and paid the penalty.”

“Benitez then made changes in the second half and Newcastle went for it.” “And I thought they were actually then the better team and deserved to get something out of the game.”

“Still, Newcastle really needed a win yesterday, but when you are 1-0 down with seven minutes to go, you will take a point.”

“So I’ve not seen anything yet that stops me worrying about the prospect of my old team being relegated.” “For an hour, they were really poor against Sunderland.”

“Overall, though, yesterday’s match was between two poor teams and a draw was a result that neither side really wanted,” “Like Newcastle, Sunderland still have to convince they have enough to get out of trouble.”

“And the real winners from the Tyne-Wear derby and the weekend as a whole were Norwich.” “They had a huge win over West Brom on Saturday and their next two home games are against Newcastle and Sunderland.”

“Even if they lose to Rafa’s men now, unless it is a thrashing they stay above them.” “So I still fear for both North East sides.”

There are now 8 games to play and we have only 25 points which is 4 points less than we had seven years ago when Alan came in on his white horse to manage Newcastle and try to save us from relegation.

This was the situation back then with 8 games to play.

13	Hull City	        29	3	4	8	16	30	5	5	4	19	21	-16	33
14	Sunderland	29	5	3	7	17	18	3	5	6	12	20	 -9	32
15	Portsmouth	29	6	2	7	20	23	2	6	6	12	23	-14	32
16	Stoke City	30	8	4	3	18	13	0	4	11	11	34	-18	32
17	Blackburn		30	3	6	6	16	22	4	4	7	17	27	-16	31
18	Newcastle	30	4	6	5	21	25	2	5	8	15	24	-13	29
19	Middlesbrough	30	4	7	4	13	16	2	2	11	8	26	-21	27
20	WBA	        30	5	3	7	20	28	1	3	11	6	27	-29	24

He couldn’t do it – but that was also his first and only time in management so it was always going to be difficult for him.

The bottom three sides then were relegated and we ended upon 34 points, one point behind Hull with a better goal difference, so a draw in the final game at Villa Park would have saved us – but we lost 1-0.

So Hull City in their final 9 games got just two draws and seven defeats – so we wonder how Crystal Palace will do in their final seven games this season?

And Rafa will have to get a lot more than the 5 points we got in those final 8 games in 2009 for us to survive this season.

If anybody can save us it’s Rafa Benitez and if he doesn’t then we will take the drop.

Then the question will be – what happens to Rafa – does he walk away and leave us back in the wilderness?

Hopefully it will not come to that – whatever Alan thinks.

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