Ashley – Newcastle Have Nothing Left In The Bank

Mike Ashley has been interviewed in The Times and as well as saying he regrets getting into football he says there is virtually nothing left in the Bank because the current Board have spent it.

Ashley has left it to Lee Charnley and the Newcastle Board to run the club for the last year – and it would appear we are in a complete mess at the moment, even though the club has spent £82M on transfers this season.

lee charnley and mike ashley

Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley

This is what Ashley has told The Times and George Caulkin:

“All I can say is; there is a bank account. When you have emptied it, it’s empty. Don’t come crying to me for more money,”

“There is virtually nothing left now. They have emptied it. I have virtually nil affect on Newcastle in reality because I only pick the board.”

“But there is negativity around me as an individual when it comes to Newcastle, so the best thing was to make sure it was on solid ground and then step back and get them to self manage Newcastle.”

“Create a board, get the board to appoint the manager, put the manager on the board as well and then not interfere.”

“I don’t know what players they sign, I don’t know what team they are going to pick on a Saturday.” 

“Do I regret getting into football? The answer is yes. I’ve had tons of fun in it but I haven’t been able to make the difference I wanted to make in football.”

“I wanted to help Newcastle. I wanted to make it better. But I haven’t seemed to be able to have that affect.”

“I think everyone can agree we’ve had a proper go at it this season, but the results haven’t been ideal.”

Ashley seems to be having a go at Lee Charnley and while that’s not surprising it’s come a little late.

It was obvious last year at this time that Lee was a weak senior manager who didn’t seem to know what to do when John Carver was losing all those games and we were in danger of relegation – so he did nothing.

And it seems Newcastle have gone for broke with Rafa Benitez – and if we are relegated it will not be good and Rafa will leave the club after a short three months stay on Tyneside.

The club have been very poorly run over the last year or two by people who don ‘t seem to have the skill or the necessary experience or guile to run Newcastle and we have struggled both on and off the field because of that.

This news will come as a shock to Newcastle fans although we will be getting around £80M in May whether we go down or not so the coffers will be replenished at the end of this season.

But as we’ve said many times before, this is what happens when you put incompetent people in charge of an organization who don’t seem to know what to do when a crisis comes – and so have often done nothing.

We sound like a broken record, but the lack of decisiveness and senior management action, coupled with too much dithering around when real decisions needed to be made have put Newcastle into a very dangerous position at this moment – and if we are relegated things could (will) get a lot worse.

We hope Rafa can save us from relegation and we can then recover financially and on the field too, but this news from Ashley is really scary – although not entirely unexpected because of the ineptitude of those running the club.

The chickens have come home to roost at Newcastle – or so it would seem.

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