At Last – Benitez To Look Into Newcastle´s Chronic Problem

Rafa Benitez has said he will look into Newcastle´s chronic injury problems, which have plagued the club for more than ten years now and we always have more injuries than any other club in the Premier League – the only thing we are ¨successful¨ at every single year.

But Rafa has said he cannot do much in the short-term and it would be dangerous to even try to make big changes.

So the new coaching team are making small subtle changes and are hoping to get some additional players back in the next two or three weeks that will strengthen the team – that´s exactly what we need for the run-in.

rafa benitez thunbs up

Rafa Benitez – will look into injury problems

Rafa was asked about what he was doing to address the injury problems  we get every single season:

“Sometimes it happens – obviously we have the information from the staff, the technical staff, the information from the medical staff, we have information from the players.”

“We have this situation to analyse what is going on, but we must try to do things simply and not try to change everything.”

“Just change little things that maybe can make the difference and be careful. So we were doing a training session for one of the other sessions in the gym, little things to try and prevent injuries.”

“But you cannot do too much in a short space of time.” “Normally when you change a little, you change the methods, you change the way they train, it could be even worse.”

“So we have to do little changes, not too much and we have one or two players coming back from injuries now.”

“Hopefully in the next two or three weeks we will have two or three more players coming back, and then their contribution can be good for the team.”

On we are listed at the top with 12 injured players followed in second place by the two Manchester clubs with 8 inured players out.

It´s about time it was recognized there is something wrong and it´s not just bad luck every single year.

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