The Strange Story Of Rafa Benitez And Zoe Ellison

Zoe Ellison and her husband Darren were guests of manager Rafa Benitez at Newcastle’s training ground on Monday.

Rafa had heard that Zoe had fallen down the steps in the stand when Newcastle played at Leicester in Benitez’ first game in charge of Newcastle and she had to be taken to hospital that night with her injuries.

At the time Zoe was holding  a banner welcoming Rafa to Newcastle and she missed the game.

Zoe Ellison and her husband Darren

Zoe Ellison and husband Darren with Rafa Benitez today

And when Rafa heard about the incident he was very keen to contact Zoe and her husband Darren and invite them to the training grounds at Benton, where they both were today as Rafa’s guests.

This is what Rafa has said today:

“After the Easter mini-break we have come back to work with the squad this afternoon in order to get ready for another massively important match on Saturday,”

“It has been a special session for me as I’ve had the pleasure to welcome Zoe Ellison and her husband to our training ground.”

“As some of you know, Zoe joined us at the Leicester match holding a big banner to welcome and support me but suffered an unfortunate accident before the game.”

“Thankfully she has fully recovered and today I was really happy to be able to meet her and say thank you.”

“Zoe’s gesture has made me remember lots of good moments as a Premier League manager where so many fans have been supportive along the years. “

“I can have that amazing feeling again with the Newcastle fans that have warmly welcomed me and my staff and showing an unconditional support since my first day on Tyneside.”

This is a terrific story and Rafa can point to this to motivate his players and remind them exactly how much it means to  Newcastle fans that they have to do very well in the final eight games of the season.

And it’s great stuff from Rafa, who looks like he already has a bond with Newcastle fans as he tries to save us from  relegation and seems to be working around the clock to do just that.

It’s already Rafa’s Toon Army.

Howay The Lads!!