Striker Hurt By Newcastle’s Plight – Just Like The Rest Of Us

19-year-old local lad Adam Armstrong is having a great season on loan at Coventry City and he has so far scored 19 goals in 33 appearances for the Sky Blues.

Adam will probably be ready next season to fight for a place in the Newcastle first team.

We expect  there to be some big changes from what we have at the moment – whether we stay up or take the drop to the wilderness and desolation of the Championship – compared to the Premier League.

We have a lot of dead wood in the squad at the moment and they will be cleared out, whatever happens in our final eight games of the season.

adam armstrong

Adam Armstrong – doing great at Coventry

Adam is fresh from scoring another goal for the England U-19 side this week and he has talked about Newcastle and new manager Rafa Benitez:

“I’ve spoken with Benitez.” “And he just said ‘carry on for the rest of the season and do what you’re doing – get as many goals as you can’.”

“At Newcastle I was used to playing striker or No 10, but coming here I’ve played a few other positions which has really helped me I think.”

“Going back to Newcastle, I think I can play anywhere across the front four now.” “Being a massive Newcastle fan, it’s hurting me where they are at the minute.”

“But I believe they can pull through with the quality they’ve got and the staff they’ve brought in.”

“Every player is working hard every day and you have to be positive. If you think you’re going to get relegated, what’s the point in being there?”

When you are born and bred in Newcastle then it’s hard not to be upset and really hurt by what’s happening this season and last.

That’s especially true when the club have done it to themselves by some poor senior management and not spending the £82M on players who could come in and fill the weaknesses in Newcastle’s squad.

We have the same weaknesses now we had last summer, before a penny was spent in the summer transfer market.

My father told me Newcastle United were the best team in the world when I was just four years old and attended my first game at St. James’ Park – my mother came along to look after me.

I believed my father then and of course at that age I believed everything he said to me – including Jackie Milburn was a fantastic center-forward.

It’s strange that Jackie is my all-time greatest player at Newcastle – just shading Alan Shearer – now you know why.

And if Rafa Benitez can stay with us then Newcastle can still rise from the ashes and be challenging in Europe again – more quickly than people think.

That’s if we stay up – if not it may take a year longer – always assuming Rafa stays with us if we take the drop – which is probably very unlikely.

But hope springs eternal.

Now we need to win tomorrow at Norwich to raise the spirits of Newcastle fans everywhere.

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  • lesh

    Apr 1, 2016 at 11:33 PM

    Comment #1

    Yes Adam, you’re well away from the shambles of a club at the moment.

  • Spacepyramids

    Apr 2, 2016 at 6:11 AM

    Comment #2

    “19-year-old local lad Adam Armstrong is having a great season on loan at Coventry City and he has so far scored 19 goals in 33 appearances for the Sky Blues.”
    I’d say great first half of season. Hope he kicks on though


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