Thauvin Reveals His Newcastle Plans – Criticizes McClaren

It looks like Florian Thauvin plans to return to Newcastle in the summer, and he says he had to return to Marseille in January – with Newcastle in the bottom three in the Premier League – to prepare for next season at Newcastle.

We’ve never heard it put quite like that since he left us in January.


Florian Thauvin – now preparing for next season at Newcastle

One thing Florian will have quickly realized is that he will not get the wages he gets at Newcastle at the south of France club – who are again having serious financial difficulties.

The Frenchman gave a press conference this afternoon and he took questions about his future and this is how he answered those specific questions about Newcastle:

“I have to finish the season, then I’ll have four years with Newcastle. It’s one of my goals to stay and impose myself in England, even if it was complicated with my last manager.”

“I wanted to take up the opportunity to return to Marseille so I could prepare myself better for next season.”

So we have no idea why he said things were complicated with his last manager – Steve McClaren.

It seems he is in some way laying (some of) the responsibility for his failure at Steve McClaren’s feet – which is kind of immature.

The player had a very poor start to his Newcastle career and never quite got to grips with the physical play in the Premier League and he left after five months.

In fact, we never understood why Graham Carr brought him in for a massive £13M in August when Remy Cabella – a player of similar physical stature and skills – had completely failed at Newcastle last season.

And Florian had just come off a poor season in the south of France so it’s turned out to be a waste of £13M.

But it looks like he still wants to return to Newcastle, but that will only happen if we don’t take the drop because Florian would be completely unsuited to the Championship, which is even more physical than the Premier League.

He also wouldn’t want to come back in those circumstances. so he would probably be kept on loan at Marseille or some other French club.

That’s unless we can recoup some of our money on him at some club who wants to sign him permanently.

It’s not good or mature when you infer somebody else may have been responsible for your own shortcomings.

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