Benitez Gives Dire Warning To His Players

Rafa Benitez had a talk to his players earlier in the week and told them it may not be as easy as they think if Newcastle are relegated – that they then can simply move to a big club and continue their careers as if nothing had happened.

Rafa has pointed out to them that if we are relegated, which is looking likely right now unless we can put some wins together very soon,  then they were part of that and responsible for that.

They didn´t play well and didn´t do their jobs at Newcastle this season and it may not be as easy as they think to get to a top club, when they decide to jump ship from Newcastle.

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Rafa Benitez – trying to save Newcastle

This is what Rafa has said before the vital game at Norwich this afternoon:

“It will not be easy to say. ‘Oh I will go.’” “It is not easy when you are not doing well at your job to get a better one.”

“They lose value – players lose value. I don’t think that anyone wants to go down, because then it will be negative for everyone if we go down.”

“It is difficult, but at the same time it’s very simple. They know that we are responsible for the situation.”

“We are professionals, failure affects the CV. Then there’s the money, moving family, everything.”  “My players want to stay in the Premier League.”

“To feel the passion of the fans supporting you here when you are doing well is something they maybe won’t find at other places.”

“We have players here who have been in football for a while.”

“The other day I had a conversation with two of them and it is not necessary to explain too many things – they know how important it is to stay in the Premier League.”

It seems that Rafa has got his point across and our players who all seem to understand how very negative it will be if Newcastle are relegated – for everybody associated with the club.

I’m not sure I can take another relegation, especially in the circumstances of the last couple of years when it has been largely self-inflicted by those at the top running the club.

That´s a good statement from Rafa – “It is not easy when you are not doing well at your job to get a better one.”

Maybe Managing Director Lee Charnley should have realized that before he hired Steve McClaren last summer,  only days after McClaren had been fired by Championship club Derby County.

If Lee had done his job properly and brought in a good manager then we wouldn’t be in this catastrophic position now in the league table.

The main criteria for being hired seemed to be that Steve was willing to adhere to how Lee Charnley and Graham Carr were running the club – that seemed to be Lee´s top criteria for hiring McClaren.

It´s simply shameful – and I´ll leave it at that.

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