Ashley Should Sell Up – The Newcastle Board Should Resign

We use the word “leaders” loosely when we speak of those leading Newcastle United at the upper management levels, because there has been precious little leadership from people like Managing Director Lee Charnley this season.

Lee doesn’t seem to understand that his job is to proactively plan for things that may happen in the future – that’s the definition of planning – and then when things are not going right it’s his job  to make those decisions necessary to correct the situation.

He does neither of those two things.

lee charnley and mike ashley

Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley
There’s nothing to smile about this season fellas

Lee talks about not making knee-jerk reactions – when the truth is he never makes any reaction at all – but simply does nothing.

His mantra in management seems to be to do nothing and hope the problems will go away – but of course they never do.

Lee was appointed two years as Managing Director and in his tenure we have had some of the worst results in Newcastle’s Premier League history.

  • Newcastle lost seven of the last eight games of the 2013-2014 season.
  • We started the next season with just 3 points from the first seven games.
  • When Alan Pardew quickly disappeared in late December, 2014, Lee appointed John Carver as manager and did nothing as John almost single-handedly had us relegated last season after losing eight games on the trot. John would have been fired at any other Premier League before the end of last season with his record.
  • After not learning from that catastrophic choice of John Carver,  Lee then appointed the just-fired Derby County manager Steve McClaren and called him the perfect coach for Newcastle – that tells you just how much Lee knows about football.
  • Steve showed what was to come when he made Newcastle’s worst start ever to a Premier League season getting just 3 points from the first 8 games.
  • Newcastle have been in the bottom four all season for the first time ever in the Premier league and are now second bottom – 6 points from safety and 4 points behind where we were after 31 games in our relegation season of 2008-2009.
  • Lee compounded his error by waiting too long to fire the woeful McClaren – and it looks like it’s too late for even Rafa Benitez to save us now.

So that’s the record of Lee Charnley, which is very poor and in the real business world he would have been replaced long before now.

After two terrible seasons, people simply have to be held accountable at Newcastle – we have spent £82M on new players this season and yet failed to fix the weaknesses in the side in defense and in the striker department.

It’s nothing but incompetence and we even deserve to go down because of the foolhardy decisions made by the Newcastle Board.

And Mike Ashley should seriously think about selling the club after a disastrous nine years as the unsuccessful owner of Newcastle United.

We would also like see the Newcastle Board all resign – but not before they have apologized to the long-suffering Newcastle fans who they have failed this season.

To put it more seriously, they have let the Newcastle fans down by decimating the Newcastle United club, which is a mess from top to bottom right now and  about to become a second division club because of their total ineptitude.

They can resign before the end of the season too – they will not be missed.