Newcastle Will Soon Need To Look For A New Head Coach

While it´s still possible for Newcastle to avoid relegation it’s getting very unlikely, because with that stoppage time winner from Norwich yesterday it means they gained 3 points on us and we are now a full 6 points behind Norwich and 4th bottom place with only seven games to go – and two of those are away from home at Southampton and Liverpool.

We suppose if we could get four or five wins in the final seven games we could be safe – but we only have six wins in 31 games so far and our lads still seem to have that losing mentality even under Rafa Benitez.

Giving that late goal away yesterday after we had just equalized for the second time was almost like pushing the self-destruct button – which the team has done too many times this season.

With just 25 points from 31 games we still need 9 points just to equal our total the last time we were relegated nine years ago – so yes – this has been a disastrous season for the club – the worst ever in the Premier League.


This man is the top executive at Newcastle

This thing hasn’t crept on us like it did last year either – we just didn’t learn from the mistakes last season – like choosing an inadequate coach – so history is repeating itself.

And when you think we spent £82M on new players you have to question those that run the club, because there’s something wrong somewhere with Newcastle and the club looks broken from top to bottom.

But we shouldn’t expect Rafa Benitez to stay around and he can walk away with that break clause in his contract.

I had this utopian idea that maybe Newcastle could offer him and his coaches a £2M bonus if they stayed and got us promoted immediately back to the Premier League next season.

But I was persuaded after the game by my son Neil that is never going to happen and that Rafa just isn’t that stupid to go down and coach in England’s second division with Newcastle after coaching Real Madrid at the start of this season.

If that’s true then Newcastle will need to be on the lookout for a new head coach in the summer since probably Lee Charnley and Graham Carr could even try to keep the old system in place, where they hold all the power.

We wouldn’t put anything past these two.

The experiment of getting world-class manager in to save us and give Rafa all the power he wants doesn’t look like it will work and we will still be relegated.

And if Lee Charnley gets the choice of whom to pick as the next head coach after his two choices of John Carver and Steve McClaren – then watch out – Newcastle could be playing in England’s second division the season after next.

Unless there is some kind of miracle and Newcastle can win four or five games then we will go down and there is no guarantee that we will come back to the Premier League immediately  this time around.

Those who run Newcastle have completely broken the club – and completely failed the fans completely too.

They should be ashamed of themselves from a professional viewpoint.

As we said Newcastle is now broken from top to bottom and our only hope was Rafa Benitez – that now being in the past tense.

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