All Change And Massive Financial Loss If Newcastle Relegated

This is eerily like the last time we were relegated back in 2009, with Newcastle being sued by one of their former employees for £2M.

In 2009 it was former manager Kevin Keegan for wrongful dismissal – and only last week Jonas Gutierrez was in court saying basically that his testicular cancer caused him to be ostracized by the club.

Those are the only times Newcastle have been sued to our knowledge recently and both look to have come in a relegation season – assuming we will not be able to survive the drop.

Survival now looks doubtful – we have to get at least 7 points from seven games just to get above where Norwich stand right now on 31 points with our inferior goal difference – assuming they lose all their remaining games.

lee charnley and mike ashley

Managing Director and owner of Newcastle United
Shame on them

7 points from 7 games is better than our average over the first 31 games, so it will be difficult.

The other very unfortunate thing that’s never talked about is that some of the non-playing staff at the club will lose their jobs as cost cutting will be necessary to adjust to the  much lower revenues we will get from the Championship.

The average revenue from the Championship for each club next season is about £20M.

From the Premier League next season it will be about £140M with the new £5.1B three year deal – so that’s a huge financial loss, although we do get parachute payments for three years – the first year being about £25M next year.

But no chance of Newcastle being anywhere near the 17th richest club in the world if we are relegated.

Our greatest fear right now is that absolutely nothing will change with the way things are run at the club and if that happens we will not improve anytime soon.

One question about this blog is what’s the point of doing all this work every single day of the year, when the club is so pitifully run by these incompetent people?

It’s a very good question, with people like Ashley and Charnley being fully responsible for this pending relegation into the oblivion and wilderness of the Championship.

And it certainly has not been enjoyable writing about this stuff over the last two years – in fact it’s been (very) painful – and to think I started this thing as a hobby in my retirement.

Oh my.

Did we say it’s a crying shame what they have done to this great football club?

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