This Is Why You’ve Really Got To Admire Rafa Benitez

The Chronicle is reporting this afternoon that Rafa Benitez called in his entire coaching staff plus the Newcastle playing squad yesterday to have a training session and he let the players know he wasn’t satisfied with the performance at Carrow Road on Saturday, where a last minute goal from Norwich put us a full 6 points behind the Canaries and we are now very likely to face the drop.

That’s unless a number of our players can wake up and not go to sleep at the end of each half.

We conceded against Sunderland in stoppage time in the first half and we conceded on Saturday in each of the two stoppage times – and it looks like Rafa is fed up with Newcastle players going to sleep and lacking concentration waiting for the whistle to blow to end a half.

Tell us about it.


Rafa Benitez – doing everything he possibly can
Great to see his dedication and determination

But you have to admire the no-nonsense approach of the new manager and his example alone will help wake up some of our players, because with only seven games to play we have to win four or five of those games to survive.

Rafa has been given very little time because the Board waited and waited for their second-rate appointment – Steve McClaren – to come good, but of course he didn’t and we simply wasted too much time – which is now of the essence if Rafa if to save us.

It looks like Rafa will only stay if we are a PL club in the summer and he’s doing all he can to try to make that happen.

If only some other people at Newcastle, including some of the players had the same work ethic as the former Liverpool manager.

But it’s still difficult to see how we can survive, but we are delighted that at least somebody at Newcastle is willing to work his socks off in the attempt.

That man’s name is Rafa Benitez – thank goodness he’s at the club and is unwilling to put up with the status quo of – well – just hoping for the best while doing nothing.

We love what Rafa is doing to try to save our club from dropping into oblivion.