When You Don´t Strenghten Weaknesses – You Get Relegated

There will be many pundits who will come out before the end of the season and say Newcastle will be relegated – and that´s because with us being 6 points behind Norwich in fourth bottom place it looks highly likely that we will be relegated.

It´s not exactly rocket science and SkyBet has us at 1/8 odds on to go down.

Former striker Chris Sutton believes Newcastle will go down because of our hopeless defense and Newcastle fans will know that for the last three seasons we have conceded far too many goals and it´s been our biggest weakness.

rafa benitez norwich

Rafa Benitez at Norwich
You – wake up!

190 goals in all is what we have conceded in the last three completed seasons – and yet the brains trust at Newcastle have not strengthened the Newcastle defense but kept bringing in midfield players from the continent who proved to be not good enough.

This is what Chris Sutton told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Monday Night Club football program last night:

“The reason Newcastle will go down is because they will concede goals.They are hopeless at the back.”

“Benitez might have been right appointment at the right time but it’s still same weak players, no characters.”

Rafa Benitez will be realizing now that the task of getting Newcastle to play well and actually win games is a much bigger task than he realized before he joined because we have so few leaders in the side.

It´s basically what Chris says – our players are mentally weak and you could see that on Saturday, because the two times we equalized we went behind again with in a few minutes.

And to concede that vital third goal in stoppage time shows how hopeless the players are – and that was just a killer goal to concede and gave Norwich all 3 points.

We just have to hope we can start getting some shock wins – like at Southampton on Saturday, but it´s going to be very very difficult for Newcastle to survive now – we really hope Rafa can do it.

Newcastle United are in dire straights but we´ve done it to ourselves – so we cannot complain too much – we needed no help from the outside – it´s harikari – even after we spent £82M on new players.

Fantastic fans like Newcastle have always had don´t deserve this rubbish – that´s what is so very painful these days.

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