Rallying Cry Issued By Newcastle Striker

Aleksandar Mitrovic is finding some of his goal-scoring form at the right time and in the last two games under Rafa Benitez the Serbian has scored three good goals that gives Newcastle some hope that we can keep scoring the goals that are needed if we are to win some games.

Rafa is also working hard with the defense this week in training to try to prevent sloppy goals being conceded, but that area of the side has to be made solid very very quickly if we are to survive.

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Aleksandar Mitrovic after scoring on Saturday

Mitro is already a big favorite with the crowd and he has been talking to BBC Radio Newcastle:

“We have, if I can say it like this, easier games than Norwich and Sunderland,” “They need to play against each other as well.”

“They will lose points, but we need to be sure we will take every chance they give to us. Everything is possible. The fans were amazing like always.”

“I ask them to stay with us these seven games.” “I know sometimes we don’t deserve it, but I ask them to stay with us and to help us to stay up.”

“We are very disappointed,” . “We didn’t deserve to lose.” “We can do nothing now. The best way to so move on and try to prepare for the next game and win the next game.”

“We have seven big games. They have six points more.” “But at the moment it’s nothing, because they have some difficult games and they will lose points.”

“We have think about ourselves and win some games.” “I think we need to win one game or two games in a row and confidence will be better.”

“The best way now is to move on. We have seven more games. Nothing is finished now.”

We do have four games at home of the last seven games to play and with sold-out crowds at St. James’ Park getting right behind Rafa and the lads and creating that electric atmosphere – then anything is possible.

We can still do it and even if we fail, with Rafa having seen and felt the passion of the Newcastle fans – maybe he will even think about staying at the club.


To us Rafa staying past the summer is our only hope.

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  • Sav

    Apr 6, 2016 at 8:56 AM

    Comment #1

    In Rafa (and Mitro) we trust. But if all comes to the worst, I’m actually looking forward to the inevitable clear-out of poor quality players, mercenary hangers-on and gutless performers which will follow. We are counting on Colo coming back and having a string of those games we know him capable of but haven’t seen consistently enough.


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