Rob Elliot In Great Spirits After Surgery – On The Mend

Rob Elliot seems in great spirits after having surgery on his knee yesterday and he also seems to have enjoyed the morphine he was given.

But of course you only get that when you have serious operations as Rob quickly points out.

rob elliot -newcastle-united

Rob Elliot – this bonny lad is on the mend

First of all we hope that Rob makes a great recovery and he was certainly Newcastle’s best player this season.

But that morphine comment reminds me …… I had a bad double fracture of my left leg way back when playing for the English Universities side at Hillsborough and was kept overnight in Sheffield and was given morphine on the field after my lower left was at right angles after the bad break.

As I recall I talked to this pretty nurse all night long drinking water all the time with being so thirsty – and as far as I remember I even proposed to her.


So yes morphine does have a strange effect on you – but we stress – only for serious operations of course.