Newcastle Player Desperate – We’re Going To Try Our Hardest

Andros Townsend was a good buy for us in January and he wanted to come to Newcastle, but now it’s likely he will be playing second division football next year unless Rafa and out players can perform some kind of miracle – which si still just about possible if we could get five wins in the final seven games.

Both Townsend and Shelvey will stay with us next season since players at Newcastle don’t have any clauses in their contracts that their wages will be reduced if we are relegated.


Andros Townsend in action at Norwich

Andros has talked about the misery at Newcastle right now:

“It’s difficult to say what I thought would happen when I signed.” “Obviously, when I joined, there were a lot more games left and we were a lot more positive.”

“But this is football, and this season, as you’ve seen, anything can happen.” “We’re in the position we’re in, and we need character now.” “We need the senior players to stand up and be counted, and drag us out of the situation that we’re in.”

“It’s our livelihood that’s at stake.” “You see the fans out there and see how passionate they are, and we’re desperate to give them something to cheer about.” “We gave them two goals at Norwich, but at the end they were just as dejected as we were.”

“I know footballers can be labelled as people who don’t care, but you only have to look at the faces in the dressing room to see how much it does mean to us.” “We’re going to try our hardest to get ourselves out of the situation that we’re in.”

The polls we have seen on whether Newcastle will survive after the Norwich defeat, show that about 85% of fans think we will be relegated.

Rafa could use that with the players and tell them if they have nothing to lose in the final seven games.

And rather being responsible for Newcastle going down, if they can get five wins they would be heroes on Tyneside – and we would have some momentum going into next season, which we haven’t had since 2012.

Well – it’s just a thought.


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