Rafa Benitez Is Newcastle´s Only Hope

We are hoping against hope that Rafa Benitez can do what is looking increasingly like a miracle now – and that is to save Newcastle United from the drop.

If that happens and he is either not offered the Spain National manager job in the summer, or is offered it and turns it down to stay at Newcastle, then we will be back in business big time.

But everything has to line up  like that for Rafa Benitez to stay at Newcastle.

He´s too good a manager and in too much demand to stay on if we are relegated and manage a Championship club.

rafa benitez arrives at st james pk

Rafa Benitez and Newcastle
Could have been a match made in heaven

So if we do down it is almost certain (only 99% certain so there´s still a chance) he will leave and Newcastle will be back where we were in May 2009 and back in the oblivion of England´s second division where we get £20M from the league every season.

If that happens then Newcastle will lose a lot of fans – some in Newcastle and England because they will simply give up and end their pain until we can get back into the Premier League.

But for fans like us away from home base in places like America, it will be more difficult to stay in touch because we do not get the games on TV in the Championship.

So if we are relegated – and it´s looking more and more certain with every game we don´t win – things will be very tough for the club.

But even more so for the lifeblood of Newcastle United – the long suffering fans.

The best thing the club can do, as we pointed out yesterday, is to quickly appoint a top manager like David Moyes in the summer who can then bring in the players he wants and start preparing to get us promoted straight back to the Premier League.

But we are not holding our breath with the way the club has been run this last year or two – and we think there is no chance at all that Newcastle will suddenly become a well-run club this summer with lots of initiative, verve and ambition.

In short – everything we haven´t had for some time now.

As Alan Shearer has rightly pointed out – the club is a mess from top to bottom – and in business believe us, it´s always very difficult if not impossible for those who get a business  into a mess to get them out of it.

Unless Mike Ashley brings in some very good people to run the club – including a top manager like Moyes as one example – we could be down in the wilderness for a number of seasons.

Newcastle United Football Club has been destroyed by these guys running the club – and Ashley should step up to the plate and start fixing things in the summer and stop screwing the Newcastle fans.

Excuse my language.

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