Why Ashley Must Be Ruthless This Summer

The Telegraph is reporting that Newcastle owner Mike Ashley will carry out a full management review at the end of the season, and will look for the reasons from those he put in charge of what exactly happened this season and why it has been such an absolute and complete disaster.

Mike should do that, but why he didn´t act sooner this season and get Steve McClaren replaced before it was too late for even a manager of Rafa Benitez to turn things around – we´ll never know.

But it shows a complete lack of executive leadership from Mike Ashley.

When you think the targets for this season were a top eight finish and winning a cup,  heads must roll this summer – Newcastle have shown no leadership at all levels of the club including at the owner level.

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Mike Ashley – Newcastle owner

The truth is the club is now in a complete mess from top to bottom and Ashley is ultimately responsible for that, so holding others accountable – while that´s the right and proper thing to do – Mike still has put incompetent people in those positions in the first place.

The performances of Managing Director Lee Charnley, Chief Scout Graham Carr, Club Ambassador Bob Moncur and Reserve team Development manager Peter Beardsley will all be assessed by Ashley.

It will be interesting to see what Ashley does this summer, but we have now lost significant hope for the club´s  future.

Newcastle could even flounder in the Championship next season unless big changes and good people – including a top executive and a top manager – are not brought in this summer and quickly too.

Every team in the club have performed poorly this season, including the Youth sides, so Joe Joyce will also come under scrutiny too.

Rafa Benitez will leave the club after the final game of the season on May 14th, so he will have been at the club for a very short 64 days.

Yet Rafa offered great hope to fans when it looked possible he could save us, but now with relegation we will also lose a world-class manager.

That´s very tough to take.


Before Rafa leaves Ashley could do a lot worse than get a written report with recommendations from the former Liverpool manager on what changes he thinks need to be made at the club from top to bottom

Mike should do that even if he has to pay Rafa for the report.

Ashley´s record at Newcastle has been very poor – here´s where we have finished each season – and bottom line – it´s Mike Ashley’s responsibility we have been so poor while he´s been the owner over these last nine years.

That´s the truth.

2008-20093418 - relegated
2009-2010102 *1 - promoted
2015-20163718 - relegated

# Championship.

* after 31 games.