Positive Rafa Benitez Explains His Winning Philosophy

Most Newcastle fans were hoping after Rafa Benitez had three games in charge of the team we would have picked up at least 4 points against Leicester City, Sunderland and Norwich and although in each of those games in the second half we had chances to get more points – we didn’t.

And that´s been a huge problem with the Newcastle team this season that when we have played well – which has not been too often – we still don´t pick up the points.

We were one of the few sides who were not able to beat Aston Villa at our home ground as one example – and we have given up too many points when we have been ahead in games at home.

rafa benitez newcastle with scarf

Rafa Benitez is very positive – but the results are not there – yet

Recently that has not been the case and in our last six games, which have given us just a single point,  we have never been ahead in any of those games.


Rafa says he is still the realist and it´s not surprising that a vast majority of the pundits think Newcastle are already dead and buried and will be a Championship side next season.

They delight in smashing the side for being relegated when we have so many players who look good players.

If they are not good they are at least expensive after we paid £82M for eight new players this season – and it doesn´t seem to have made much difference at all.

One of them is already back in France because he couldn´t take the pressure.

This is what Rafa has said about pundits thinking we are already dead and buried:

“Everybody will say, ‘Oh, Newcastle will be relegated’, but that is normal when you see the table.”  “But at the same time, I can see the players changing in training.”

“My concern would be if I saw the players giving up, and I don’t see that. I can see a lot of players working so hard in training, so I still believe we can change the situation.”

“My job is still to have confidence – and I have confidence. Seven games, 21 points – it’s enough to do well. I am competitive, more than optimistic, but I am also realistic and I can see the problem. But still I can see the solutions.”

“So we have to keep working and we have to approach the game like at Norwich, not like, ‘Oh, it’s a problem’. No, it’s a challenge and we have to try and win this game and be ready.”

“If we cannot, then we move on to the next one because we still have games to play, points to win and we have to try.”

“I had confidence that we could be better in terms of points,” “In terms of performance of the team, I think Leicester was a good game that could have been a draw.”

“Sunderland, the reaction of the team was very positive. With Mitrovic on the pitch, they were under real pressure in the last five minutes. And Norwich, I think the reaction was positive again.”

If a win doesn´t come very soon we could be relegated even before the last game of the season,  because there will not be enough games left.

That would be the ultimate disaster scenario for this season and as far as we are concerned it would be the ultimate disaster scenario for Newcastle United.

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