Real Concerns About Newcastle’s Future Beyond This Season

For the previous two seasons we had a very poor run-in to the end of the season.

In the 2013-2014 season when we finished 10th we lost seven of the last eight games.

Last season was even worse with John Carver in charge and we got 4 points from our last three games, but had lost the previous eight games in succession – the first time that has ever happened for the club in the Premier League.

In both follow-on seasons we had terrible starts at the beginning of the season.


A concerned Rafa Benitez at today’s game

In the 2014-2015 term – last season – we got 3 points from the first seven games and then recovered to 26 points from 19 games played – half way through the season – but then we collapsed under the woeful John Carver after Alan bolted out the back door.

This season we started with just 3 points from the first eight games under Steve McClaren and now we have taken one point from the last seven games – and with that record we will deserve to be relegated.

There seems diminishing hope after our players today showed a complete lack of guts and they are just not up to the pressures of being in a relegation fight.

But we are getting concerned that if things are not turned around before the end of the season, we could get a poor start to next season in the Championship and we could even struggle down below.

There’s just no way that Rafa Benitez will stay at the club and at the end of the Sky Sport interview today he was asked if Spain call on him to take over the national side how could he refuse it?

Rafa was political and said this in response to that question:

“I would say that the next game is against Swansea and I want to concentrate on this game.”

Very smart answer because Rafa’s prestige is also on the line with that disgraceful display from the Newcastle team today.

We would hope that Lee Charnley and company will be doing some planning for next season in the Championship and what that means in terms of finances, season ticket prices, players we need to sell, players we need to keep, which non playing staff will have to be laid off to cut the running costs, which manager should we hire  –  and so on.

But we have absolutely zero confidence in those running the club this season and we’re sure Lee will do nothing until the end of the season and then look at the league table.

Lee will see we are second bottom and relegated and he may then start to think about what to do.

We are getting concerned that unless huge changes are made at all levels of the club in the summer we are in real danger of being stuck in the Championship for more than one season.

What we saw today is that too many of the players we have in the first team just don’t have the bottle (mental strength and courage) when things get tough – this relegation fight is all too much for them.

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