Benitez Lays Down The Law With Players – Things Must Change

It’s not surprising it has come to this – and Rafa Benitez will demand a lot more commitment, passion and character from his players and especially his senior players – who were nowhere to be seen on Saturday at St. Mary’s.

We were wondering how the very experienced manager would respond to players simply unwilling or (probably) unable to carry out the match plan, when they simply collapsed within four minutes of the start of the game at St. Mary’s on Saturday and conceded a comical first goal.


Rafa Benitez – commitment, passion and character currently unacceptable

This is what Rafa has said following the disgrace at Southampton:

“”I still have the belief that we can win games and if we start winning it can be different.” 

“We don’t need to be the best team in the Premier League, but we have to be the best team in the bottom four.”

“We are not doing that at the moment, so I think that we need to start winning against Swansea and change a lot of things – change the commitment, the passion, the character and the way that we play.”

“The fans will be crucial for us, because we need them pushing the players, supporting the players.” “And at the end of the season we will have time to analyse what is going on.”

“But now is the time to stick together and do our best because it’s the only way.”

“You have to keep on pushing because the players, some of them, they are young players and they need help in terms of making the right decisions.”

“So you have to give them this help in training, and maybe the senior players, the players with more experience, they can help.”

“But it’s something that we have to change quickly.”

The press has rightly been extremely negative on our players after Saturday’s shameful display, but at least we are usually a lot better at home and we still have four home games left.

So there is still a chance – a small one – but a chance nevertheless.

The players should take that chance.

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