More Newcastle Ineptitude In The Transfer Market

Andros Townsend scored a brilliant goal for us yesterday against the Saints and he was easily our Man of the Match and he’s one we will want to hold onto next season in the Championship – since he has some bottle – unlike a lot of our more famous players.

So it is very worrying that there are various reports in the papers today that he has a £8M release clause in his contract should we be relegated.


Andros Townsend – not happy at end of game

That would mean if we are relegated – which it looks like we will be – then once a club comes in with an £8M offer for the player we would have no choice but to sell him.

If the news is indeed accurate then Newcastle could lose £4M on him in a short six months – and he would certainly be a good buy at £8M for a Premier League club, especially if he keeps scoring goals for the Magpies.

It doesn’t look like a sensible thing for Newcastle to do but to be fair, maybe we had no alternative if we were to sign him.

Newcastle were desperate to sign him in January, which is why we were willing to payout £12M for him in the first place – but it doesn’t look like Andros can save us – even though he’s looked good for the team.

Newcastle were obviously hoping we could avoid the drop, but it also looks like even more ineptitude from those running Newcastle.

Surely the first step in Newcastle’s hoped for comeback next season is to have a clear-out of the club at both the player level and all levels of management of the club in the summer?

They have both failed the club and the fans for far too long.

Enough is enough.

Comments welcome.

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