Rafa Benitez Just Cannot Believe What’s Happening

After the latest calamitous  performance from our weak-willed and fragile Newcastle side – this time at St. Mary’s Stadium – there is very little chance Newcastle will be able to avoid relegation this season with only six games still to play.

We have two away games at Liverpool and Aston Villa – so we may be able to get a point at Villa – but even that is doubtful since our players don’t turn up for away games.

We have home games against Swansea, Manchester City, Crystal Palace and Tottenham so we could win against Swansea and Crystal Palace, but our players will be too scared against big boys City and Spurs to get anything our of those games.

That’s if yesterday is anything to go by.

So it’s hard to see how we can even get 9 points to equal the 34 points we got when we were last relegated in 2009 when at least we tried in games.


Rafa Benitez – shocked at how Newcastle started

This is the worst performance in the Premier League ever by any Newcastle United side – and this is an expensive side – so we haven’t got our moneys worth.

This is what a frustrated, disappointed and rather shocked Rafa Benitez said after the game:

“Obviously we go into games a little bit scared and once we make the first mistake everybody loses the belief,” “And it’s something that we have to change one way or another. “

“At half-time, that could be the angriest I’ve been so far, yes,”  “You have to be upset, and I was really upset. I was telling them that the performance of the first half was not acceptable.”

“We had to change and start with the commitment, passion and character. It was obvious that we couldn’t win with this mentality and playing in this way.”

“I couldn’t believe how we started the first half after the hard work that the players were doing during the week. “

“It’s not the time to complain and blame each other, it’s time to realize we have to stick together. We have four games at home and that is the key if we want to stay in the Premier League.”

“Some of them I think they are strong enough mentally, but some of them need help.””And we will try to help them one way or another.”

“But we need to see which players we can count on and who can give what we are expecting.”

Rafa is starting to see that Newcastle are a Jekyll and Hyde side and it looks like Dr. Jekyll turns up for the training and Me. Hyde turns up for the games – especially away from home.

It’s ironic that Rafa talked in his press conference how they had worked last week on getting the players to be more mentally tough.

Whatever they did it didn’t work and wasn’t successful and it looks like he has too many wimps on his hands.

What was that we were told a few years ago that the characters of players we sign are studied in some length before they are signed to ensure they can stand the pressures of playing for a club like Newcastle?

Obviously there was little or no truth in that.

One player we signed last summer couldn’t stand it more than five months before he flew the nest in January.

We conceded 190 goals in the last three seasons and yet we elected not to strengthen the defense much at all last summer – and so far we have conceded 62 goals in 32 games.

That’s a good example of the type of planning that’s done by those running Newcastle these days.

To say it is incompetent is being kind.

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