Benitez – After That Display We Understand The Fans’ Feelings

Rafa Benitez is very well aware that his players badly let the club and the fans down last Saturday with that first half display when we really collapsed against Southampton.

There was no fight, no passion , no character from the players and that is simply unacceptable for Newcastle players.

We will not even mention how they let their new boss down but images of Rafa on the sidelines during that first half showed he was shocked with what was happening.

Who are these guys – he must have been thinking – and it’s now his job to turn this mess around.


Rafa Benitez – the best play seen by a Newcastle employee in that first half

He now knows who the players are – and some of them are wimps so Rafa somehow has to try to get the side winning – although that may not be possible with such losers playing for Newcastle.

He could start by dropping the wimps?

This is what Rafa said after the game – and he hit the nail on the head with most of his comments.

“It is very clear that we can say nothing to our fans, they come here to Southampton to see the team fighting and winning and we didn’t do that in the first half – so you have to understand their feelings.”

“But we will need the support from the fans, we need them behind us to drive us on and help to get a result against Swansea.”

“Character, passion, positive play, that is the very least of what is expected every game, for 90 minutes, but it’s clear that this was very much lacking in the first half.”

“That’s not a situation that we can have away from home, so we have to make changes to how we will play away from home.”

“Before that (next away game is at Liverpool) we’ll have to prepare for the next home games (Swansea next Saturday and Manchester City the following Tuesday)  and just hope we can keep the fans behind us.”

With only one point from the last 21 points played for and having to visit Aston Villa in the second last game Newcastle may even lose that game and end this season with being the worst team in the league, even though we should still end up with more points than Villa.

If the players don’t feel ashamed of themselves after Saturday’s disgrace maybe they should – and then snap out of it and start to give 100% on Saturday and in each of the last six games of the season.

They have let the club, the fans, the two managers and most of all themselves down this season – all season long.

Where’s the courage, the passion and the character?

Nowhere to be seen.

We expect Rafa to again ask on Saturday for the fans to support the players in once last huge effort to get a win for the first time in over two months against Swansea.