It’s All Been Self Induced Torture – With No Excuses

Newcastle fans will put up with anything – well almost anything – as long as the players in those black and white shirts give everything they have during a game.

But as we all know too many times this season they have simply not turned up for the games and we have lost the game – often early in the first half.

Saturday was another case in point and as these games get more and more important – our last win was way back on February 6th when we took West Brom apart 1-0 – it just seems to be all too much for some of our players and they conceded a comical goal after just four minutes on Saturday.

The game was over right there.


Rafa Benitez – our only hope but he will leave

Just how Rafa Benitez can turn this thing around we don’t know, but I’m still willing for a complete miracle to occur in the last six games and maybe we can get five wins.

But since we have only six wins in 32 games and we have one point out of the last seven games it looks like it’s all over now for Newcastle = to quote a great Rolling Stones song.

It’s simply agony for Newcastle fans as we have to go through this pain again – and this is the fourth season this has happened since we were 5th top back in 2012.

We haven’t signed the players and we haven’t signed good enough coaches and when that happens you get what’s happened to Newcastle these last four seasons.

A relegation fighting team.

I saw a headline today saying “Is relegation the end for Newcastle United FC?”

The answer to that is no – of course not – but things have got to change big time under Mike Ashley – who has been a woeful owner of Newcastle now for coming up to nine years.

If he will not change things for the better then he has to sell up and give fans some hope again – it’s hope that we are running out of right now.

Just imagine when (if?) we are relegated and Rafa announces he will leave Newcastle in the summer – that’s a double whammy of pain right there.

We have been less than happy with the fight and courage of our players this season.

On  a personal note my wife Madeline and I went to a memorial (funeral) for an English woman four hours after we lost at Southampton.

The woman is a friend of my wife’s over here and she was a stellar Real Estate agent who was larger than life and lost her five year fight with breast cancer a week ago.

The significant pain she suffered in the last several months ended right there.

Through the service as they went over her very successful life with her four grown children making speeches, I realized this woman had more courage and fight in her little finger than some of the Newcastle players have shown all season long.

They have no idea how good they have it – if they did maybe they would start to play at their very best.

And writing this blog over the last few years, as I explained in great detail to my son Neil over breakfast yesterday morning – has been nothing less than self-induced torture at times.

But I chose to do it – so I certainly cannot complain.

And now trying rather desperately to end this thing on a much more positive note – it’s all obviously going to get a lot better for Newcastle United after this season.

That’s right isn’t it?


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