This Is All A Bit Rich Coming From Gini Wijnaldum

Both Gini Wijnaldum and Moussa Sissoko will leave Newcastle this summer and we just hope we can get a lot of money for them to help us build a proper team for once – that comes straight back up out of the Championship – but getting immediately promoted is not a given next season at all.

Whoever comes in as manager in the summer must build up a complete defense almost from scratch, so that for the first season in five we may even have a decent defense at Newcastle.

Those doing the recruitment at Newcastle – as Alan Shearer points out today – have done a woeful job and that’s the main problem with Newcastle since we finished 5th in 2012.


Gini Wijnaldum – not up for the fight

Gini and Moussa are two of the players Alan talks about in general terms about Newcastle having good players who don’t have the characters to fight a relegation battle.

And of course he’s right.

But there are some odd comments coming from the Dutch International today:

“I don’t understand why we’re nervous,” “We’re in a situation now where we’re second-bottom of the league.”

“We know if we play without confidence, and if you’re nervous, it’s going to be not good. You’re going to play bad.”

“Why not give your best and try to change things?” “That’s something I don’t understand. It’s not the first game that this has happened.”

“It’s difficult to win a game in this situation.” “The way they make the goals, it doesn’t look like they have to try their best to score.”

“It’s very disappointing,” “It’s always disappointing if you lose a game, but we lost it without confidence.” “We conceded in the fourth minute. That’s not good.”

“The way we’re giving the goals away is not good.” “It looks like they don’t even have to try their best to score a goal.”

Maybe if Gini had turned up on Saturday things may have been different, but for the umpteenth away game when the going got tough Gini was nowhere to be seem.

And while he was one of our best players in the first half of the season he’s been less than good in the second half and certainly has not been our best player overall this season.

That’s been Rob Elliot.

Let’s hope we can get say £20M for him this summer – we need the money to start rebuilding this Newcastle side – which has been woeful all season long and wasn’t much better last season.

Not only do we not have good enough players but some of their characters have been lacking too.

Gini is one whose character is lacking and he’ll be remembered for that.

A very good technical player who did not have the stomach for the fight.

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