More Proof Newcastle Have Completely Imploded At All Levels

The first team were hammered 3-1 on Saturday at Southampton and that score-line was very flattering because we were a complete disgrace, especially in the first half.

The U18 side were also taken apart on the road 7-1 by Manchester United on Saturday and last night the Newcastle U21 side, managed by Peter Beardsley, a great player in his day but less than an average coach at the club – lost 4-1 to Brighton at home.

So as we have said a few times the club is rotten from top to bottom and there must be a clear-out from top to bottom of those leading the club this summer.

They must be held accountable for the complete mess Newcastle are in right now.


Mike Ashley – has presided over Newcastle’s fall from grace

Newcastle have become good at losing games at all levels of the club – in short – they are losers.

And you know what happens when you get used to losing games – it keeps happening.

Our only hope at the moment is that our woeful owner Mike Ashley, when he does his review of the season –  will realize the people he has put in charge to run the club for him are woeful and simply not up to the job.

BIG changes are necessary in the summer – especially as we prepare for life as a second division club

That’s our only hope – but we also suspect it will not happen.

Even hope is starting to run out at Newcastle with many of our players seeming to have given up the ghost on surviving in the Premier League.

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