Rafa Benitez Savagely Ridiculed By Reporter In Spain

La Razon is a popular daily newspaper in Madrid and one of their football journalists, Pipi Estrada, wrote an op-ed on Rafa Benitez on Sunday and severely criticized the new Newcastle United manager.

We have located the article and translated it directly from the Spanish so you can read it yourself about what Estrada said about Rafa.

But it’s not complimentary and seems a savage attack.


Rafa Benitez – Newcastle United manager

Here’s our best translation of the article:

Rafa Benitez’ anxiety, coupled with his personal ego have led him to a poor return in his new job – one point in twelve.

And it is the case that errors are not solved with more errors. Rafa lives stuck in the past and it seems that he almost stopped the clock.

Even in England, where he is defended tooth and nail with a personal and professional recognition – he thinks that football breathes because he breathes.

The situation of his new team (Newcastle) is very serious. And it seems that he, who thought he might come as their savior, it is the end.

The extreme nervousness in Spain and his conduct and final dismissal by Real Madrid does not seem to have calmed him down or taken him to a good next job, which he took rather hastily.

The concern of the leaders of Newcastle is high and they have begun to doubt whether they want him to continue at the end of the season, especially if the team descends from the Premier League.

He has a clause which would see him be released from the contract he signed only a few weeks ago.

Haste, as Don Alfredo Di Stefano*   said, they are only good for criminals and bad bullfighters.

I say this with respect: Rafa, you’re wrong again.

* The great Real Madrid striker when they won the first five European Cups (1956-1960) and he ended up scoring 307 goals in 396 appearances for them. The great man was born in Buenos Aries and played for Argentina, Columbia and mainly for Spain at the International level – he was one of my heroes when I was a youngster.

There’s some really bad blood there from Pipi Estrada and to think we thought that kind of extreme ridicule only came from English football journalists.

We are still hoping Rafa can get the job done for us this season.

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