Why This Man Isn’t Solely Responsible For Newcastle’s Demise

Lee Charnley is the top executive at Newcastle United and he is the leader of the Newcastle Board which also includes Graham Carr and Bob Moncur and this season included Steve McClaren – who was the head coach.

The fact Stave  was on the Board was one reason the decision to sack him was delayed for so long, that it now looks like it was too late to bring Rafa Benitez in with just 10 games to play.

And when we are talking about accountability and who is responsible for what has been a really disastrous season even though Newcastle spent a staggering £82M in the transfer market – then Lee Charnley is responsible to Mike Ashley for how Newcastle performed this season.

Needless to say, given the targets were to finish in the top eight in the Premier League and to win a cup – or at least to go on a long cup  run – then it’s been a complete failure that we will in all likelihood be relegated.

lee charnley and mike ashley

Top executive Lee Charnley with owner Mike Ashley

And certainly Richard Keys, now with beIN Sports, on his web-site placed the blame (or responsibility) firmly on Lee Charnley for the relegation and seems to deflect any blame from the owner.

This is what Richard said talking about the two big clubs who will be relegated this season:

“I am sorry for Villa fans. It has been an awful season, but the re-building starts now. That’s the only consolation.”

“I’m convinced  the Toon are going.” “Geordie fans also have my sympathy.”

“I have been critical of Mike Ashley previously, but the current shambles has to fall on the toes of Lee Charnley. Time to go Lee.”

“It’s either Sunderland or Norwich now isn’t it? Palace will find another win somewhere and they’re all safe above them.”

One of the big mistakes Mike Ashley made was to ignore the definite signs last season that Charnley was in way over his head in the job – and he failed to take any action whatsoever  when John Carver almost got us relegated with eight successive defeats.

And hiring Steve McClaren after he had been fired by Derby County in the summer should have sent off alarm bells to the owner, but he did not interfere at all.

Not until we were beaten by Bournemouth 3-1 at home, when he came in and told Lee to sack McClaren and hire Rafa Benitez – and even then Lee made a right hash of the sacking and had to rightly apologize to McClaren the way he had hung him out to dry.

Negative headlines were all over the papers about how the club were messing McClaren around – what was Charnley thinking?

Some people will say it was Lee who took the initiative to fire McClaren and hire Benitez – don’t believe them – he didn’t.

The end of McClaren was nothing more than a complete lack of experience in management by Lee Charnley and the ethical and business-like way you fire somebody when it’s necessary.

If we were to start with the most responsible and go down the line of those responsible we would start with Ashley at the top followed by Lee  Charnley and then followed by Graham Carr.

Graham had a big part to play in wasting £82M in transfer funds and he’s made a mess of the transfers for far too long and not only brought in his favorite players, but didn’t seem to fix or maybe want to fix some of our glaring weaknesses.

Like the defense for example.

We put Bob Moncur bottom of the list because we don’t know exactly what his function is on the Board.

So they are all responsible for Newcastle’s demise and in any other business they would all be fired at the end of the season – at the latest.

Whether anything will not change with Mike Ashley we don’t know – but we have our doubts.

That’s just the first team and the U21 and U18 sides have also had a disastrous season too, as far as the results go.

Where Newcastle go from here we have no idea, but since we started the blog almost exactly nine years ago (Aril 23rd, 2007) this is the most negative we have ever felt about Newcastle United’s future.

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