With Rafa – There’s Method In His Madness

To quote Shakespeare from Hamlet –  there’s method in Rafa Benitez’ madness recently – when he allowed his players to argue both at half time and at full time in the disgrace that was the 3-1 defeat at Southampton on Saturday afternoon – Newcastle’s 14th defeat in 17 away games in the league this season – so far.

Aston Villa must be rubbing their hands in glee that they could actually get a win at home on May 7th, when they play Newcastle at Villa Park, and both teams should be relegated by then.


Daryl Janmaat – I fought the wall and the wall won

Of course on Saturday Rafa didn’t expect Daryl Janmaat to take the wall on and come off second best with two broken fingers – but there’s no planning when somebody does something as daft as that.

I fought the wall and the wall won – but after all Daryl does play for Newcastle.


There are various reports that Rafa allowed his players ample latitude to argue amongst themselves at half-time and at full time at Southampton.

It seems Rafa was pleased (and a little shocked?) to see some passion from his players, since he didn’t see any of that on the pitch – that’s for sure.

The news is that the arguments were often furious and of course 22 year Jamal Lascelles now looks a star – when he told the players they didn’t have the guts to play for Newcastle.

Good for him and certainly his BBC interview immediately after the game was one of the best we’ve seen in a long time, if only because of his complete honesty in telling the unvarnished truth.

Hopefully those arguments will release the passion that we think (hope?) is in there somewhere in the Newcastle players.

If that passion isn’t released soon most of them will be playing in the Championship next season, but only those who cannot make a clean getaway in the summer.

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