Newcastle Disorganized – Is That Really A Surprise?

The Chronicle is reporting today that at this stage of the season most clubs are starting to prepare transfers for the summer and arranging their summer tours and working on just how much will be made available for transfers and which players will be the major targets.

But that’s not the case at Newcastle, just like it wasn’t the case last year at this time when as the season progressed we got closer and closer to being relegated.

But that’s not the case this year and we are already essentially 7 points from safety with just six games to go and with the insipid display at Southampton last Saturday and our next game against a surging Swansea side this Saturday things don’t look good.

But when did they ever look good?


Lee Charnley – Managing Director
You cannot accuse this guy of being a good manager – of anything
It would help if he knew what his job was

Swansea have six wins and two draws in our last eight meetings – we should lose again on Saturday and we have lost this fixture in each of the last three seasons.


That may even help clear up the uncertainty (we suppose) and make it more likely we will be in the Championship next season.

But does that mean Newcastle will then start full speed and do the necessary planning to see how to cut the day-to-day running costs – decide which players will be released this summer and which players are the main transfer targets – and who will come in as the new manager in the summer?

Absolutely not – what do you think we are – a  well run cub?

No we’d be surprised – make that shocked – make that completely and utterly shocked – if Lee Charnley has done any planning at all for the summer.

Another complication is that owner Mike ashley has said he will actually devote a little time to the club he owns and carry out a full review of the season and he may make some changes in the running of the club and those who are tasked with running the club.

So that should delay things for a few weeks once the season is over.

But we don’t think much will change this summer at all.

Those chickens have come home to roost at Newcastle United and unless we somehow can get our act together in the summer – and quickly – we are in real danger of struggling in the Championship next season.

Those running the club have almost destroyed Newcastle and most of them should be indicted for “Crimes against Newcastle United.”

We’ve never seen an organization so mismanaged than at Newcastle United these last few seasons – it’s criminal.

They give management and managers everywhere a bad name.

We better stop there.