Pardew Discussion – There Are Now More Important Things

It´s true that ever since Alan Pardew left Newcastle at the end of 2014, the results at Newcastle have been less than relegation form – they´ve been terrible and we only just avoided relegation last year with John Carver.

This season, due to the exploits of Steve McClaren in particular, we will be relegated this season and have been in the bottom four all season long just to take away the shock if we are relegated.

Pardew´s agent Barry Nevill has drawn attention to a Mail article by Martin Samuels who looks at the travails of Newcastle since Alan Pardew left and says things would have been different if Pardew had stayed.

In the 51 league games played since Alan left we have won 9 and lost 31 and got 38 points.


Alan Pardew West Ham United

Alan Pardew – while at Newcastle

This is the tweet published in the Chronicle today:

Perhaps some might realise what a good job Alan Pardew did at Newcastle now. Martin Samuel in today’s Mail.

— Barry Nevill (@Bazzanev) April 13, 2016

The way Alan left wasn’t good, but it was the incompetence of Lee Charnley and others who are mainly responsible for the disaster that has beset Newcastle since then.

Appointing two woeful coaches in John Carver and Steve McClaren was a terrible start – and then the £82M was not spent well on transfers to strengthen our weaknesses – but we are still shocked that Newcastle have been so bad.

The club is broken from top to bottom and from the outside there is a good case to be made that Pardew did a better job under the circumstances than people give him credit for.

Some Newcastle fans maybe wouldn’t agree with that and of course we would never say that.


We don’t bear any malice towards Alan Pardew – he did his best for the club – and he wasn’t the greatest manager but he did get us to 5th top in 2012.

And we don’t think he was quite as bad as some of the SackPardew crew would have you believe.

We simply have to get over Alan Pardew and move on.

We are not too interested in whether things would have been better or not if Alan had stayed – we’ll never know and there are now much more important things to consider – like how do we get promoted next season from the Championship?

Things have been completely disastrous since Alan left – and those problems are what Newcastle somehow must start to solve quickly – but we are not holding our breath either.

Unless new people come in to run Newcastle.

Or Rafa Benitez stays and starts to fix both the team and the club – and he could do that – but that’s not going to happen.

Comments welcome.

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