Newcastle´s Only Hope Is This Man

We wrote a piece yesterday on how it could be appealing to Rafa Benitez to stay at Newcastle even if we are relegated, but only if he is given complete control of things at the club and it would have to expand beyond just control of the playing side of things.

Newcastle have proven over these last couple of years that those running the club at all levels haven´t got a clue,  but Rafa has been impressive behind the scenes at Newcastle and seems to have impressed everybody at the club – according to the Shields Gazette today.

But that hasn´t shown (yet) in the results on the field.


Rafa Benitez – Newcastle manager – our only hope

We are almost certain to be relegated and that may become even clearer after the weekend games and if Rafa then leaves next month there is little hope of Newcastle coming straight back up next season.

Changes in the way the club is run have to be made and they need to be big changes.

The club is at its lowest ebb since Mike Ashley bought the club back in June 2007 and this blog was created only weeks before that happened.

Yes – it was all our fault.

If those running Newcastle are not now going all out to see what it would take to keep Rafa at the club even if we are relegated, they should be.

But yes – Lee Charnley would probably say to that that he still thinks we will survive in the Premier League.

That would be (yet) another nothing statement from the top executive.

There are some hints that Rafa may be open to rebuilding Newcastle from the bottom up and as we said yesterday it would be a terrific opportunity for him to awaken what he has said is a sleeping giant of a club at Newcastle.

Some comments he made at last week´s press conference offer some hope:

“I want to stay here for a while, so I’m really pleased to have this challenge. For me it is a challenge.”

“I am the Newcastle manager and I want to be the Newcastle manager next year.”

There could be more questions on this at Refa´s press conference today for tomorrow´s game at home to Swansea, where we will attempt to get our first win since February 6th.

Since beating West Brom 1-0 we have played 7 games with just one point against Sunderland at home.

It couldn´t have been much worse than that at the business end of the season – one point worse we suppose.

Newcastle have completely imploded this year and the defeats have been at every level of the club – first team, U21 and U18 and we even have players who don´t seem to even want to play for Newcastle.

There is a losing mentality at the club.

It´s that bad.

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