I think Rafa´a Absolutely Loving It At Newcastle

The Chronicle´s Chris Waugh has an excellent piece out today when for the second time in six weeks he has interviewed Sky Sports’ Guillem Balague.

Guillem is an expert on Spanish football and he knows all about Rafa Benitez, because he is the author of  ‘A Season on the Brink: Rafael Benitez, Liverpool and the Path to European Glory’ which he wrote in 2005 after their dramatic Champions League victory over Milan in Istanbul.

He also believes Rafa is one of the top 10 managers in the world and seems to know an awful lot about Newcastle too.

Guillem Balague

Sky Sports’ Guillem Balague

One of the answers that caught our eye was when he was asked whether he thought Benitez was enjoying the job at Newcastle.

This is how Guillem answered that:

“He came from a club in Real Madrid where a lot of it is political, and the Press conferences and whatever you say has repercussions, but not really too much to do with coaching.”

“But he has gone to a club in Newcastle where everyone has been immediately won over by his approach and the fact he’s a high-caliber coach, so he doesn’t have to work on that.”

“He gets to focus on the things he loves, like the shape of his team and how to change his attack and how to beat the opposition.”

“In a kind of weird sadomasochistic way, I think he’s absolutely loving it at Newcastle.”

Rafa does seem to be in his element at Newcastle and there´s definitely an affinity and bond building up with the Newcastle fans – so we are just hoping he can save us, so he will definitely be here next season.

Guillem is probably interested in following Rafa´s career at Newcastle,  because there could be another book in it for him once we win the Champions League.


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