Rafa Benitez – Newcastle Fans Love Me – That’s Important

We have been really surprised at how close Rafa seems to be with his players at Newcastle, when the word coming out of Liverpool a few years ago was that he was aloof and cool towards his players and his Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard even famously said that he never congratulated him with a “well done” after a top performance.

The Newcastle players seem to hold him in awe and talk about him in very positive terms so he is a lot closer to the players than we though he would be.

And the evidence is that he’s starting to get his points across – although Rafa says we are still making too many mistakes.

Rafa benitez confident

Rafa Benitez – being loved at a club is important to me

This is what Rafa has said:

“People say I am cold but to stay at a club where the fans love you is really important to me.”

“This is a city of workers, the fans support the team, they have passion so the two places are very similar and that is good for me.”

“The fans in the street, everyone around the club, we have nice people and a good relationship.”

“The experience at Liverpool was fantastic because the fans are behind you no matter what and at the moment, the fans here, we are in a honeymoon, everything is fine and I am really pleased.”

“Hopefully, it can be the same for some years.”

We really hope that Rafa can save Newcastle and that we don’t go down and lose out on around £140M of Premier League money next May (2017).

But if he cannot save us then maybe he will still agree to stay on Tyneside but that’s by no means certain – but the fact that he seems to be very happy at Newcastle could be an important factor.

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Note: It’s  exactly nine years this Saturday since I started this blog – mainly for those away from Newcastle around the world.  It’s a one man blog so go easy on me.