Why Rafa Benitez Must Be Newcastle’s Future

I’ve been so impressed with Rafa Benitez since he arrived on Tyneside – maybe it’s because we now have a man at Newcastle who is simply perfect for the job.

He is even perfect for owner Mike Ashley, because if Mike wants somebody to manage the club and Ashley wants to take a hands-off approach then who better than Rafa to do that?

The 56 year-old is a true workaholic and just loves the job he has as a football manager and he should be offered full control of whatever he wants control of at the club.

rafa benitez arrives at st james pk

Rafa Benitez – must be Newcastle’s future

If we stay up there should be no problem and it will be interesting to see how Rafa starts to change the team and change the club in the summer.

The huge worry for Newcastle fans is after we finally have a world-class manager at Newcastle, if he leaves in the summer because we are relegated,  it could be the final insult to some of Newcastle’s fan-base.

We are all fed up with the likes of Lee Charnley and Graham Carr being less than mediocre in the jobs they have (I’m being kind) and the way they seem to have not used the massive £82M on transfers to strengthen the side.

We still have one of the worst defenses  in the Premier League.

We are not even going to mention hiring a sacked Championship manager last summer and saying he was the perfect coach for Newcastle.

It was telling that of the eight players we signed this season, only two started on Saturday and three were on the bench and one of them has already bolted back to France.

Mike Ashley has a chance to secure Rafa on a long term basis at the club whatever happens in the final three games of this terrible season.

Ashley should sit down with Rafa and ask what does he wants to stay on at Newcastle if we are relegated.

Being in  control of all transfers is the first thing and that should be a no-brainer, b.ut there may be other things that Rafa may want control of.

Mike should give him that and urge this is a long term association and he could even offer him the promise of an eight year contract and a £2M bonus if he got promoted straight back to the Premier League.

Now that we have Rafa at the club and we have seen how he can leave out the top players and still have a team that can compete with the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City – even now – he should be retained at all costs.

If we are relegated and Rafa leaves that is the complete disaster scenario for Newcastle fans who are already  completely fed up with the incompetents running the club.

Maybe fans can start sending Rafa messages asking him to stay on and build us into the great team and great club we should be.

Mike Ashley is no fool and he should see that keeping Rafa – whatever happens in  the next three games – is a get out of jail card for him with the fans – after the incompetence of this season and last season.

The previous seven seasons with Ashley as owner were not too great either.

If we stay up then everything should be fine – if we go down then Ashley must show initiative, drive and ambition to ensure Rafa Benitez stays at the club.

If he does that the fans will be happy enough and then Rafa and his team can start planning to make Newcastle great again.

And Rafa Benitez  can certainly be successful in doing that.

Howay The Lads!!