If Newcastle Go Down – Alternatives To Selling Best Players

If Newcastle are relegated then the major question every Newcastle fan will be asking is will Rafa Benitez stay – and we’ll not know that until after the final game of the season on May 15th – and we may even avoid relegation.

Rafa is right in only concentrating on saving Newcastle and he will not answer the question on whether he will leave if we do take the drop.

That will keep the players on their toes that if they want Rafa next season to be coaching them and maybe starting to create a dynasty at Newcastle – then they should be playing out of their skins in the last three games.

lee charnley and mike ashley

Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley

One thing is certain – if we do go down and that is the wage bill will need to be reduced and overall running costs in general will need to be cut.

One alternative to selling our high wage earners is to send one or two of them out on loan  for the season – hoping we can come straight back up and then they can rejoin Newcastle next summer.

By that means at least their wages will be paid for next season.

Which players are kept and which ones are sold if we go down will depend a lot on whether Rafa is still the manager.

If he is then Newcastle are said to be willing to keep the ones he wants at the club – assuming they will want to play in England’s second division.

Some players will be sold to simply bring in some cash to help the club through what will be a tough time financially with our revenues being greatly cut.

A good Managing Director would be working on some of these alternatives and looking at the finances for next season, just in case we do go down.

So we don’t expect Lee Charnley to be doing any of that.

Things will be made a lot easier if we can stay up, which is exactly why Rafa has the players in for extra training sessions as tries to save the club.

That’s not beyond him either.

Howay The Lads!!

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