Rafa´s Professional Response To Sam Allardyce

Newcastle have got Sunderland manager Sam Allardyce worried and maybe it´s because of our excellent form in the last three games – well except for that first half at Anfield.

Sam was splashed around the papers yesterday claiming that it was almost a certainty that Newcastle would win against Crystal Palace tomorrow.

Sam thought that, because the Palace players would have been celebrating (on the pop) after they reached the FA Cup Final by beating Watford 2-1 last Sunday,  they wouldn´t even be trying too hard tomorrow.


Rafa Benitez – Newcastle United manager

Maybe that was Sam´s biggest nightmare?

Presumably Sam was hoping to cause some controversy that could maybe unsettle the Newcastle players or even Rafa Benitez himself.

Well the best of luck with that.

Here´s what Rafa said at his press conference today when told about Sam´s quotes:

“I don’t bet. Obviously, I agree we have to win.” “My experience is it’s the players who make the difference – not the managers.”

“I can prepare for the game, but to talk about mind games and press conferences, I don’t take too much notice.”

“My experience is the players make results not the managers.” “I prepare my players before the game. To talk about mind games and press conferences, not too much.”

“They (Sunderland) are in a better position than us for sure, but if we can win this then we will have more confidence, belief and we can approach the Aston Villa game.”

“The main one is this one. I am just looking at this game and we´ll see after that.”

Rafa is pragmatic, down to earth, single-minded and realistic – and refuses to talk about any other game but the next one.

If we can approach each of the final three games with a single-mined determination to win – who knows – we could even end the season with three successive wins – after winning only seven games in the first 35.

Wouldn´t that be something …..

Howay The Lads!!

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