Newcastle Leadership – There Isn’t Any And That’s The Huge Problem

If Newcastle are finally relegated on Wednesday night, if Sunderland beat Everton at home, then a well-run club would immediately communicate with their fans as a first priority.

A good club would show initiative and start to put plans together that would begin to ensure we could be promoted immediately next May back to the Premier League.

A good club would do that – so that definitely rules out Newcastle with the incompetents who are now running the club.

It’s been a lack of leadership and competence from the top of the club that has caused us to be relegated – assuming we are – and they had ample warning last season when we only just avoided relegation after losing nine of the last eleven games.

lee charnley and mike ashley

Two of the people running Newcastle into the ground

Spending money like it was going out of style while not bringing in players to strengthen the weaknesses in the side has simply been money wasted.

And there’s no doubt the likes of Graham Carr and Lee Charnley wasted the club’s money this season.

Not only that, but they have ensured we will lose at least £100M in Premier League money next May – how’s that for total and complete failure in their respective jobs?

So what exactly will happen on Wednesday night if we are relegated?

In a word – nothing.

If Lee Charnley does issue a communication and it’s like his other ones –  it will be more of the self-serving nonsense that doesn’t say anything.

Charnley has neither the experience, the skill nor the temperament to be a top executive of any organization.

And owner Mike Ashley has to take the ultimate responsibility (also known as total blame) for appointing him and then  leaving him in place as he and his less than stellar appointment – Steve McClaren –  took us down for the second time in seven years.

Enough is enough and how much longer is Mike Ashley going to keep destroying Newcastle United?

Why does he own Newcastle United other than to use the club as a commercial advertising vehicle for his company?

And we hate to even bring up the fact that people will now have to be laid off at the club – Aston Villa announced 500 non-playing staff would lose their jobs because of cost-cutting caused by relegation.

The only saving grace for Mike Ashley – sign up Rafa Benitez on a long term deal and get him to stay on Tyneside – but that has to be a long shot now.

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