One Of Newcastle´s Top Players Still Has Room For Improvement

Dutch international Wijnaldum was brought back into the starting line-up last Saturday against Crystal Palace and had a decent enough game.

But his place in the away game at Aston Villa is probably in jeopardy, even though he obviously wants to retain his place in the side for the last two vital games of the season.


Gini Wijnaldum on action against Palace

Gini was asked how he felt when he was dropped for the game against Manchester City, after we had just beaten Swansea 3-0:

“As a player you can’t do anything else but work hard,” “You have to show that he is wrong.” “The trainer makes the decision.”

“Every player thinks he deserves to play but it is up to the trainer to make that decision.”

“It is how you react.” “I was disappointed to be on the bench for two games, I had to stay positive, work hard and that is what I did.”

“They will play to win,” “They will not be thinking: ‘We are already relegated so we will leave everything.’”

“They will give us a good game. We have to be focused and be prepared. It will not be easy.”

“We have to win otherwise Sunderland and Norwich will go above us.”

“You have to win like we did on Saturday, we need to follow that up with another,  or the win against Palace will not mean as much.”

“If we don’t then we will give the other teams an opportunity to stay up instead of us.”

“We have to keep going and stay focused.”

Those are good words from Gini, but we will still be very surprised if he keeps his place at Aston Villa today in what is such an important away game – our final road game of the season.

Gini has shown too good an impersonation of the Invisible Man in our away games this season, especially when things have become difficult.

However, the Dutchman can still come on in this game in the second half today and maybe get a goal for us – and that would be his 10th goal of the season.

There’s no doubt Georginio is a wonderful technical player – but he has to become more consistent to reach the next level.

If we survive and Rafa stays with us – he will have a great chance to do that next season in the Premier League.

But there are a couple of big ifs in there.

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